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My First Public Presentation

It took me a while but here we are. Many thanks to the JProf community for providing an opportunity to present about MySQL to Cassandra migration at the meetup. Slides can be found here. It appears to be rather hard … Continue reading

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The Passionate Programmer

Just finished reading “The Passionate Programmer (2nd edition)” book by Chad Fowler. What can I say? I was looking for such a book for years. Sometimes I read books from Brian Tracy and similar guys. However these books are mostly … Continue reading

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JetConf 2016

Ну што, па гарачых слядах, ды пра JetConf 2016. Штогод я разы па два катаюся па розныя канферэнцыі. Звычайна гэта канферэнцыі JUG.RU кшталту Joker і JavaPoint. Гэтым разам я вырашыў далека не ездзіць. Тым больш што мае жаданне наведаць канфу … Continue reading

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Logical and Critical Thinking MOOC

The course is amazing. I really appreciate work which was done by the MOOC team. The topic itself might seem rather dull. However the way it was presented made me a really happy panda student. It took around one hour … Continue reading

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Teaching Magnolia CMS course

Decided to provide some a 4-day Magnolia CMS course which I was teaching last autumn. In general I had some experience teaching both students and some of my colleagues. I really enjoy doing this. However in previous cases it looked … Continue reading

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Interesting Java-related links. Week 44-49

Jigsaw and Java 9 – good introduction into Jigsaw Java multi-threading: volatile variables, happens-before relationship, and memory consistency – perfectly simple and good explanation on how volatile work. Usually candidates do not have full understanding on why volatile keyword is … Continue reading

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