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“Working in Teams: A Practical Guide” MOOC

Just finished Working in Teams: A Practical Guide MOOC on edX, The goal for this course was to get a deeper insights on what can be better in my current team which I joined several months ago. Another intention was … Continue reading

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Hadoop Platform and Application Framework on Coursera

Just finished “Hadoop Platform and Application Framework” MOOC on Coursera. Several thoughts on it. The primary goal for me was to get the sense of various abbreviations in the Hadoop world(HDFS, YARN, Pig, Spark). I think I reached this goal. … Continue reading

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Interesting stuff. Week 50-53

Had a chance to do some load testing of our app in Fitbit. Originally considered three options: JMeter and ab. The first one seems to be cool however it does not really support non-blocking IO. The second one does but … Continue reading

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Learning how to Learn on Coursera

Just finished “Learning How to Learn” MOOC on Coursera. What can I say from the position of a person who graduated from the university seven years ago. Rate of the beneficial outcome was not that high. This course is definitely … Continue reading

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Interesting Java-related links. Week 44-49

Jigsaw and Java 9 – good introduction into Jigsaw Java multi-threading: volatile variables, happens-before relationship, and memory consistency – perfectly simple and good explanation on how volatile work. Usually candidates do not have full understanding on why volatile keyword is … Continue reading

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Education and Presentations October 7 – October 20

http://java.dzone.com/articles/5-maven-dependency-puzzlers – it’s just an AWESOME, really AWESOME quiz-like session on Maven dependency resolution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHbIwoevePE&list=PLZ9NgFYEMxp50tvT8806xllaCbd31DpDy – videos for CS282: Systems Programming with Android http://blog.softteco.com/2013/10/joker-2013.html (Russian) – our visit to Joker 2013 in Saint-Petersburg

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