Interesting Java-related links. Week 44-49

  1. Jigsaw and Java 9 – good introduction into Jigsaw
  2. Java multi-threading: volatile variables, happens-before relationship, and memory consistency – perfectly simple and good explanation on how volatile work. Usually candidates do not have full understanding on why volatile keyword is needed and mechanics behind the scenes.
  3. A really good set of articles on GC in Java (Russian): 1, 2 and 3
  4. JVM Concurrency – gentle introduction into actor-based concurrency model in Java   with Akka.
  5. JEP 277 – new JEP for the Deprecated annotation. Definitely a good move for the future.
  6. How to understand which class from which JAR was loaded (Russian) – a pretty interesting aspect-oriented approach to see what happens in your app.
  7. Lambda performance in Java 8 – this article is very interesting in several dimensions. It shows that it’s hard to measure performance and that you really need to put much thought into every line of code to make it efficient.
  8. Replacing throw with notifications – simple description of the technique to use notifications instead of exceptions. Already came to this idea myself and later saw it in other projects. It is not new but still useful especially for the user data validation
  9. Mockito Verification – good article on the Mockito verification
  10. Quick Go introduction – very quick introduction to get the basics of the language but not to explain why would you prefer to use Go
  11. Benchmarking Aurora vs MySQL – everyone lies but RDS looks good in comparison to EC2

Interesting stuff:

  1. Did a lightning talk on GreaseMonkey in Fitbit
  2. Had a lovely week in Barcelona with my wife and elder daughter. Posted a bunch of tips on this travel (though in Belarussian)
  3. Held a week long course on Magnolia CMS
  4. Finished “Work smarter, not harder” MOOC on Coursera. My thoughts can be found here.
  5. Finished the first week of “Learning How to Learn” MOOC on Coursera
  6. Finished the first week of “Hadoop Platform and Application Framework” MOOC on Coursera
  7. Started internal Fitbit course on business emails. Many thanks to Kate Yatskevich
  8. Never paid attention to the fact that Guava check methods have overloaded versions for the formatted strings
  9. Had a real pleasure to interview one guy totally in Belarussian language.
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