Teaching Magnolia CMS course

Decided to provide some a 4-day Magnolia CMS course which I was teaching last autumn. In general I had some experience teaching both students and some of my colleagues. I really enjoy doing this. However in previous cases it looked pretty amateurish.

So I was very surprised to get a proposal from Adamantium to teach a Magnolia CMS course on their base. Format proposed was really different from the format I usually work in. They proposed to do a 4-day full fledged course with 7 hours a day to ramp the audience up.

So I agreed and decided to spend part of my vacations on this activity. I was slightly scared given that it was a totally new approach for me. But I really liked full dive into the technology without interruptions.

All of the materials can be found here:

  1. Source code
  2. Presentations (in Russian)

It was a really nice experience for all sides of the teaching process and it was pleasant to hear such a good feedback. It appears I really like teaching people,  presumptuous bastard. Definitely looking forward to extend my teaching and consulting experience in future.

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