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Presenting “Kafka in Production”

Really glad to tell that my second public presentation really happened at JProf meetup. Slides: Kafka_in_production Recording: This time way less time went into text repetition but way more time went into Kafka-related researches. 🙂 Even though I still have … Continue reading

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My First Public Presentation

It took me a while but here we are. Many thanks to the JProf community for providing an opportunity to present about MySQL to Cassandra migration at the meetup. Slides can be found here. It appears to be rather hard … Continue reading

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Interesting Java related Links. Week 6, 2015

Java Tutorials & Interview questions – must read before any interview to refresh your memory. CookieStore – never came across this class. It can be definitely useful when writing some small utils dealing with the network. SimpleReact – looks like … Continue reading

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Education and Presentations October 7 – October 20

http://java.dzone.com/articles/5-maven-dependency-puzzlers – it’s just an AWESOME, really AWESOME quiz-like session on Maven dependency resolution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHbIwoevePE&list=PLZ9NgFYEMxp50tvT8806xllaCbd31DpDy – videos for CS282: Systems Programming with Android http://blog.softteco.com/2013/10/joker-2013.html (Russian) – our visit to Joker 2013 in Saint-Petersburg

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