My First Public Presentation

It took me a while but here we are. Many thanks to the JProf community for providing an opportunity to present about MySQL to Cassandra migration at the meetup.

Slides can be found here.

It appears to be rather hard to prepare presentation. Raw estimates of the preparation time are the following:

  • 4 hours for the initial slides preparation
  • 6 hours for the initial text transcript
  • 10 hours for the internal review process and adjustments based on comments
  • 8 hours for the real meetup preparation
  • 2 hours for the meetup itself

So it took around 30 hours of work in order to have one hour presentation for the local meetup. Hopefully it’s all because I’m not an experienced speaker and next presentations will be at least 1.5 times quicker to prepare.

Key thing I’ve got from the presentation:

  • The more you learn about the topic of your presentation – the more gaps in your knowledge appear.
  • Questions is one of the most difficult parts of the presentation for me as a speaker. You don’t know answers to all of the possible questions and you have to start living with it. I just decided to stop at some point otherwise I would never present.
  • There are places available who welcome new speakers and provide reasonable feedback and friendly attitude towards newbies.
  • It would be way easier to start from the public 15-minute presentation rather than from the 45-minute one.
  • It won’t be really scary for you to present in front of 50 people – if you’re more or less prepared.
  • I’m not awful at doing presentations, just pretty bad.
  • It’s a sort of a pleasure to see people listening to you and understand that your presentation might unconsciously affect some of their choices in future.

I’m really glad I was given a chance to share our experience with the larger audience. It also helped to broaden my personal borders and reduce the fear of public presentations to a great extent.

Currently I’m considering topics for the presentations which are related to:

  1. Protobuf
  2. Kafka
  3. Migration from REST to Thrift
  4. Monitoring and alerting (StatsD + Graphite/Prometheus + Grafana + ELK)
  5. Developer life in the world of continuous delivery
  6. Streaming frameworks overview (more distant future)
  7. Heron streaming framework (more distant future)
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