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My Podcast List At some point I’ve promised to share a list of podcasts with the colleague of mine. Here is it. This list includes the following ones (in the order of preference): Development The Java Posse – surprisingly pretty … Continue reading

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GWT in IE8: weird Anchor link behaviour

We use GWT on one of our projects. So the code we have is really trivial: What can be easier? Lets have a look at the markup generated by GWT in FireFox/Chrome: Lets now have a look at IE8: Instead … Continue reading

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Downgrading from SmartSVN 7.6

I like SmartSVN. Really, it was the most convenient tool I’ve ever used to work with SVN. And it was ideal: Fast Logical structure of the application Clean, crisp and good-looking UI Open-source nature of the community edition I say … Continue reading

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It’s just a short note about a very useful tool. Sometimes you’re testing integration with something which requires callback URL. And you definitely don’t want to run a fully blown server while you want to see what things are coming. … Continue reading

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Education and Presentations October 7 – October 20 – it’s just an AWESOME, really AWESOME quiz-like session on Maven dependency resolution – videos for CS282: Systems Programming with Android (Russian) – our visit to Joker 2013 in Saint-Petersburg

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11 Interesting Java-related links October 7 – October 20 – what you need to know before migrating existing application from Grails 1.3 to 2.2. I would also add that you need to retest everything carefully, especially if you use a bunch of plugins – what you need … Continue reading

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Broken binary files when using maven-resources-plugin

Today I’ve got a question from one of our developers. He was building a WAR file and then copied it from one location to another. When he tried to run the first file with Winstone everything worked fine. However when … Continue reading

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Indexing into type ‘%’ is not supported

Lets say you have the following structure in Java: Today I was trying to use a construction like: <field:display field=”b.c” object=”${a}”/> And got: org.springframework.expression.spel.SpelEvaluationException: EL1027E:(pos 6): Indexing into type ‘org.andy.A$B’ is not supported Why indexing? What indexing? It appears that … Continue reading

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Liquibase OutOfMemory

We’re using Liquibase for the database migration. Recently we were doing integration with 23andme genetic application so we had to import some data from it. We created a file with SQL instructions which contained 22 Mb of scripts. It’s mostly … Continue reading

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Dojo error messages

We’re using Dojo 1.6 bundled into Spring Roo for one of our projects. At some point I’ve decided that it would be nice to present our data in the form of a tree. Dijit components already bundle one of these. … Continue reading

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