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My Podcast List At some point I’ve promised to share a list of podcasts with the colleague of mine. Here is it. This list includes the following ones (in the order of preference): Development The Java Posse – surprisingly pretty … Continue reading

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GWT in IE8: weird Anchor link behaviour

We use GWT on one of our projects. So the code we have is really trivial: What can be easier? Lets have a look at the markup generated by GWT in FireFox/Chrome: Lets now have a look at IE8: Instead … Continue reading

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Downgrading from SmartSVN 7.6

I like SmartSVN. Really, it was the most convenient tool I’ve ever used to work with SVN. And it was ideal: Fast Logical structure of the application Clean, crisp and good-looking UI Open-source nature of the community edition I say … Continue reading

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It’s just a short note about a very useful tool. Sometimes you’re testing integration with something which requires callback URL. And you definitely don’t want to run a fully blown server while you want to see what things are coming. … Continue reading

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Education and Presentations October 7 – October 20 – it’s just an AWESOME, really AWESOME quiz-like session on Maven dependency resolution – videos for CS282: Systems Programming with Android (Russian) – our visit to Joker 2013 in Saint-Petersburg

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11 Interesting Java-related links October 7 – October 20 – what you need to know before migrating existing application from Grails 1.3 to 2.2. I would also add that you need to retest everything carefully, especially if you use a bunch of plugins – what you need … Continue reading

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Broken binary files when using maven-resources-plugin

Today I’ve got a question from one of our developers. He was building a WAR file and then copied it from one location to another. When he tried to run the first file with Winstone everything worked fine. However when … Continue reading

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