Logical and Critical Thinking MOOC

The course is amazing. I really appreciate work which was done by the MOOC team. The topic itself might seem rather dull. However the way it was presented made me a really happy panda student.
It took around one hour a week to view all of the videos and accomplish quizzes. What I really liked – guys were presenting real-world examples and real-world New Zealand nature.
The important lesson to be learned from this MOOC is that I’m not a good critical thinker. I have some minor things in my toolchain but not the general critical vision. It’s definitely true that I’m way less objective about ideas and thing I personally like.
Why do I personally care about this stuff? It’s all about goals in my life. Different books on focus  and time management teach you how to achieve goals. While this MOOC helps you understanding whether these goals are really important for you. You might blindly follow some ideas or socially approved behaviors without clear understanding whether you really need it. So for me this course is really important to become a more skeptical and critical thinker about myself and my personal goals.

It’s definitely a very cool useful MOOC with the really high usefulness/time ratio.

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