The Passionate Programmer

The Passionate Programmer

Just finished reading “The Passionate Programmer (2nd edition)” book by Chad Fowler. What can I say? I was looking for such a book for years. Sometimes I read books from Brian Tracy and similar guys. However these books are mostly aimed towards sales people not programmers. However IT industry is definitely unique in lots of senses.

And this book clearly helped me to understand my current position and where I’m heading to. It’s really easy to sink in the day to day activities. Each  brings you a bunch of chances to change yourself and things around you. Yeah, I still believe in it after 13 years of outsource programming. The most complex thing here is to change yourself.

Right now I have two stories to choose from. One will require some investigations, communication with other people and will probably be a sort of jamming. Another one does not require communication, is rather precise and can be done pretty mechanically. My mind immediately chosen the latter one. More story points was used as an excuse. My mind is definitely a cunning beast. Not this time, mind!

48 ToDos of various sizes are waiting for me after reading this book including month-length tasks like:

  1. JavaScript certification
  2. C# + .NET ecosystem
  3. Golang
  4. XMind open source contributions

Lots of thanks to the author! That’s how motivational books should look like.

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