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Hibernate optimization: Mapping two properties to the same field

Recently spent some time optimizing code in our application. One of the things I was trying to optimize is creating a pretty big graph of objects which has lots of fields. So lets say we have: class User { …… … Continue reading

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Playing with Hibernate OGM

While preparing for our server meeting played a bit with Hibernate OGM. It looks like an attempt to access NoSQL storages in the uniform way. I took JPA approach and tested three NoSQL storages: MongoDB CouchDB Neo4J Source code is … Continue reading

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Interesting Java related Links. Week 6, 2015

Java Tutorials & Interview questions – must read before any interview to refresh your memory. CookieStore – never came across this class. It can be definitely useful when writing some small utils dealing with the network. SimpleReact – looks like … Continue reading

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