Interesting stuff. Week 50-53

  1. Had a chance to do some load testing of our app in Fitbit. Originally considered three options: JMeter and ab. The first one seems to be cool however it does not really support non-blocking IO. The second one does but I had lots of problems with OAuth proxies for it. Unexpectedly Gatling appeared on the horizon. It’s an amazing tool which gave me an opportunity to practice in Scala a bit. Described some of my experience here.
  2. Finished “Learning How to Learn” MOOC on Coursera. My opinion can be found here.
  3. Finished “Hadoop Platform and Application Framework” MOOC on Coursera.
  4. Continued reading “Mastering Apache Cassandra – Second Edition” and playing with Cassandra more deeply.
  5. Continued internal Fitbit course on business emails. Many thanks to Kate Yatskevich
  6. Started experimenting with my time. Waking up at 4-5 am and getting sleep at 10 pm seems to be fun.
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