Learning how to Learn on Coursera

Just finished “Learning How to Learn” MOOC on Coursera.

What can I say from the position of a person who graduated from the university seven years ago. Rate of the beneficial outcome was not that high. This course is definitely aimed at students and will not bring you much value if you’re an experienced learner already. Still some ideas need constant repetitions to get deeper into your daily routine. Here’s the list of ideas I’ve written down from this course:

  1. Sleep is important. However I still struggle with myself to get a sleep longer than 6 hours.
  2. Writing down and accomplish 5 most important things during the day. My Todoist is flooded with things I need to do during the day. Even though Todoist support priorities – the most important actions could be easily buried under other tasks. So I’ve decided to write 5 most important actions in my notebook. Works like a charm. During the day you can see what is really important for you and time/status of accomplishment.
  3. Your brains should get some reward after successful accomplishment of the goal. I always struggled with myself on this one. I could get myself whatever I want whenever I need. True, my needs are really small and buying another stupid toy or some food seems just stupid. Currently I reward myself with hot bath and a glass of wine. However this idea still needs some investigations.
  4. Exercise. I already do exercises 3-4 times a week. However this gives an additional motivation to spend time exercising rather than doing something else.
  5. Interrupt hard work on the tasks and get some rest. It’s quite possible that you’re moving hardly into the wrong direction. So just get a cup of tea and use the diffused mode.

All these things mostly repeat what I read already however repeating  these ideas clearly worth 4 hours of my life I’ve spent on this MOOC. It was not life changing but definitely useful.

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