Interesting Java-related links. Week 42-44

  1. How do PreparedStatements work in MySQL – nice introduction into things I’ve never thought of.
  2. WrapAround pattern – good description of the useful pattern. It’s fun to see something similar in the codebase of your project and then to find a name for it.
  3. Retryable operation – simple implementation for the operations you would like to retry. Java 8 can definitely make things simpler
  4. @Any and @Default CDI annotations introduction
  5. A long-long list of Java best practices. I don’t agree with it 100% but still worth looking.

Interesting stuff:

  1. Visited JokerConf 2015 in St. Petersburg. Amazingly useful and practical conference.
  2. One company proposed me to prepare Magnolia CMS course for their internal needs. So spent a bunch of sleepless nights on this one.
  3. System.out.format. Never met this one before but can be really useful instead of concatenation in System.out.
  4. JUnit ErrorCollector. Nice class in JUnit tests when you would like to accumulate several errors and display these at once.
    public ErrorCollector collector = new ErrorCollector();
    collector.addError(new IllegalArgumentException("Message"));
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