Interesting Java-related links. Week 9-11

Interesting stuff:

  1. Finally put my hands on the Raspberry PI. It’s sweet. Now it’s running 24/7 on WiFi with external harddrive attached attached. Some problems and findings:
    1. Interestingly enough Transcend drive without external AC failed to run even with the cable which has two USB plugs. While my WD Book with the external AC works fine.
    2. Situation with the WiFi is not that good too. TL-WN727N worked fine however I failed having ralink rt5370 working for me. The problem was with the driver which was failing during the modprobe attempt.
    3. Another pitfall was with the Deluge torrent app which failed to work with which I use to download audiobooks(legally). It appears that Transmission also has a pretty good web frontend which I currently use
    4. Instead of installing Plex or Kodi I’ve used a minidlna. No fancy UI but who needs it if your SmartTV supports DLNA. Streaming is just flawless however my old 802.11g router does not support seamless steaming of 720p through Wi-Fi
    5. Next step is to configure BitTorrent Sync or Syncthing as a DropBox replacement.
    6. Another next step is to configure OwnCloud as a Google Docs replacement.
  2. Passing Elance Java test on behalf on my company. Somewhere around 740 out of 800 and top 10% score. Not that bad.
  3. Configured around 80% of our company servers with UpTimeRobot. Really nice and easy admin panel with the ability to add up to 50 servers for free. Previously I had some servers on but now UpTimeRobot covers pretty much all of our infrastructure. It seems noone really appreciated it, may be they’ll do one time. 🙂
  4. Took part in the interview with one of the possible startup clients. Hopefully was not that bad. GoToMeeting was used and to my surprise it opened inside my Linux Firefox right away. The only problem I got was with sound but I guess it was all about my hands and the place they grow from. Anyway, thanks for doing a browser version! Due to the lack of time had to move to the Windows VirtualBox instance which was working okay until I tried to pass webcam through where the virtual freezed and I had to reboot it.
  5. Learned how to finish initializing object with Spring beans which was created with Guice.
  6. Got some taste of tiling window management in XFCE 4.12. I definitely like it and wish tiling in XFCE to be a bit more sophisticated. Anyway I really like the approach and will definitely go deeper.
  7. Got some understanding on why CAS is crucial for concurrency in JVM.
  8. Tried out FireFox Hello. Works like a charm!
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