Interesting Java related Links. Week 7, 2015

  1. JavaPosse (podcast) – the last episode of JavaPosse podcast. It was pretty much the only Java podcast on the horizon and it was pretty useful. I will miss it. Especially I will miss Dick Wall. His energy and point of view definitely makes him a person I admire. Anong these are Adam Bien, Linus, RMS, Greg KH. Yeah, the real turbulence among my favorite podcasts.  Linux Outlaws is over, Java Posse is over, host changes in Linux Action Show.
  2. Apache Kafka (podcast) – very good introduction into Apache Kafka project. AT least I know know where it’s applicable and some internals of it.
  3. Value based classes in JDK8 – good read.
  4. SQL-99 feature I’ve never used. LATERAL JOIN, WITH, WITH RECURSIVE, OVER, WITHIN GROUP. Good explanation for my brains stuck in SQL-92. Interestingly MySQL lacks pretty much all of these features

Interesting stuff

  1. Provided UI localization for Belarussian language for one of our client banks.
  2. Did a small project on LinkedIn integration by using linkedin-j library. Pretty simple. However. Why the hell LinkedIn does not have API to read my Inbox messages in 2015? Not good really.
  3. Upgraded from PostgreSQL 9.3 to PostgreSQL 9.4 on my Arch dev box. Yeah it was not really smooth because of PostGIS version wihich is not backwards compatible across 9.3 and 9.4. It’s good that there a place where the old versions of packages are stored.
  4. VirtualBox does not support booting from the real USB device directly. You need to create VMDK file referencing to it. It’s just an XML descriptor rather than full fledged dump.
  5. Tried out WinUSB tool which could be used to create a bootable Windows installation USB drive. Spent several hours with the GUI version which was exited with 256 status code and as a result installation from USB drive failed halfway. However console version worked absolutely fine.
  6. I was always curious how NetBeans downloads sources for the Maven dependencies. Thought there was a sort of magic behind this functionality from NetBeans. No, it’s not. “mvn dependency:sources” is the answer. Just use it from the command line if your IDE can’t download dependency sources for some reason.
  7. Thanks to @gunnarmorling for pushing my lazy butt who forced me to create several Hbernate OGM tickets I’ve discovered last week.
  8. Got much deeper into Pentaho BI an its components including JPivot and Report Designer. OLAP cubes no longer sound that scary. Parameterized reports work like a charm. And it’s all Java-based open source code. Good stuff!
  9. My Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is finally in my hands! Me, Pi, Raspbian and some beer are definitely waiting for todays evening.
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