Interesting Java related Links. Week 6, 2015

  1. Java Tutorials & Interview questions – must read before any interview to refresh your memory.
  2. CookieStore – never came across this class. It can be definitely useful when writing some small utils dealing with the network.
  3. SimpleReact – looks like an enhanced version of parallel streams from jdk 8 to me. But I must be wrong.
  4. Spock introduction (presentation) – nice introduction into Spock and integration with Spring, Geb.
  5. MDB vs JMS – good article on the differences between these
  6. Docker PID 1 problem (Russian) – article which brings pretty interesting information on where zombie processes come from and what can break when using Docker.

Interesting stuff:

  1. Played with Pentaho BI Community Edition for one of our projects considering replacing homegrown developed reports. Open-source nature was one of the most important features. Now customers are considering using Enterprise version. I’m really glad seeing that having at least part of code is now becoming a competitive advantage.
  2. Last Friday we had a small hackathon on Docker. Pizza, cola and lots of Docker investigations until 4 AM in the morning.
  3. Ordered a new Raspberry Pi 2. Can’t wait to put my hands on it. It will serve several purposes: a cheap NAS with the external 1TB drive attached, media server based on Plex, Syncthing synchronization alternative for Dropbox, OwnCloud instance for the internal family documents management, tarsnap backup synchronization tool. Potentially it will also serve as a simple security thing with the webcam attached. So much things I would like it to do. Will see what of this is really possible. 🙂
  4. Prepared presentation with basics of HTTP protocol and other server testing related stuff for our QA. Hopefully this can help to increase defect quality.
  5. Prepared a small presentation on Hibernate OGM to colleagues. Definitely a good time to start looking at more uniform and convenient ways to work with NoSQL storages
  6. Participated in several meeting with the international bank representatives as a “server” guy. Alongside with technology and requirements discussions did some consultation on the source code licensing. Interestingly enough I did a whole presentation on the licensing topic for students in BSU last year. They are planning to go with “open data” approach and open source license for code. Perfect choice!
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