Interesting Java related Links. Week 3, 2015

  1. Twitter-hbc – A Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter’s Streaming API
  2. Just another example that you shouldn’t follow all of the practices you read in the Internet. Even my small knowledge of Stream API told that there’s so much wrong stuff in this JavaCodeGeek article,
  3. Sorting via lambdas come at a price. My own dummy tests pretty much confirmed the results. For one million objects the difference was about 2.5 times for the same code.
  4. 5 thread tricks – several interesting tricks you can do to make your life easier with threads. Well, despite of the article name I didn’t know just about the last one. 🙂
  5. Tomcat performance (presentation) – really useful view into Tomcat and ways to improve performance. Not that technically deep but still has a bunch of really good points.
  6. Locks performance in Java – a very clear explanation on what to do if your performance is buried under contented lock. I really like Plumbr posts. Always really useful.
  7. DCL again (Russian) – nice examples on how to use DCL in a wrong way. Discussions afterwars are also pretty interesting

Interesting things:

  1. Using Sardine for ISS where WebDAV with NTLN may be challenging sometimes. In my cases I could read items but couldn’t upload and got 400 Bad Request. This happened until I got to this issue. Only the following code worked for me:
    sardine.list(path); // Needed to read before PUT.
    sardine.put(path, IOUtils.toByteArray(inputStream));
  2. This week I finally paired my Moto 360 to the device from office. Given that I don’t really own that device – I’m using Moto 360 in a standalone mode. Battery lasts for two days in the Airplane Mode, steps are calculated, Pomodoro app works. So for me now it’s a watch-tracker rather than smart watch. Will probably write a small review a bit later.
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