Interesting Java related Links. Week 1-2, 2015

  1. REGEXP/RLIKE operator in MySQL – definitely something useful outside of the SQL standard scope.
  2. Generics Improvements in JDK 10 – a nice history on what can happen if important decisions to break compatibility are deferred
  3. How to generate DB schema in EclipseLink – useful tip if you’re using EclipseLink 2.1 on your project and maintain DB migration in a manual way.
  4. Spring 4.0 and Java 8 (presentation) – a very nice presentation of the new features in Spring 4.0/4.1 and how it plays with JDK 8. Seems a bit dull at the beginning but finally I’ve realized that it brought me  bunch of new information.
  5. Spring Social (presentation) – a bit of a magic on working with social networks and related stuff. Spring Boot hides so much details about configuration that it’s already scary to me.
  6. Observable/Observer – pattern which is in JDK since version 1.0. Never new it’s already available.
  7. JSR-354 introduction – Money/Currency API which is going to be included into JDK 9. Seems somewhat useful in everyday job. Having exchange rates providers available by default is an interesting approach.
  8. Apache Mesos – a nice framework for distributed computing. Would be really glad to put hands on something like this in the real project
  9. Patch for OpenJDK from Microsoft. Glad to see that such a huge company works with a bunch of open-source technologies and contributes to this
  10. Nice summary which shows that assertions is no more than a syntactical sugar added by the compiler
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