VirtualBox + Android x86 for FitBit Flex and Moto 360 on Linux

Got a new Moto 360 smartwatch as a gift from our company. Unfortunately this one couldn’t be used as a standalone tool and needs to be paired to some device first. This device should Android 4.4+. Yeah, fair enough, since that version Android introduced BT 4.0 Low Energy. However my beloved Phillips  phone with the incredible battery has stopped at 4.2.2. There’s no any more or less working Cianogenmod for me. Even though the device is rooted – putting parts of the 4.4 BT stack seems not to be working ether.

Okay, so what’s the option? What about VirtualBox and Android 4.4 RC-2? After overcoming some problems things started working. The problems really were:

  1. VirtualBox did not see USB devices to pass.
    Solution: add your user into vboxusers group and relogin. sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers andy. Relogin is important. Until then you won’t see the device.
    After this my device was visible as Unknown device 8087:07DA. However it appeared to be in the workable state for Android.
  2. Original installation ISO hanged during any attempt to but boot or install with kernel panic. The same happened for the existing VDI image.
    Solution: make sure VT-X virtualization is enabled in BIOS. Looks like I reset my BIOS at some point and didn’t enable it again.
  3. Cursor is not visible inside VM.
    Solution: Make sure “Disable Mouse Integration is checked”
  4. Screen is rotating in a weird manner in Android
    Solution: Install “Set Orientation” application and set the precise landscape orientation to use

After fixing all these problems and installing FitBit app I was able to synchronize my Fitbit Flex without any additional dongle just via internal laptop BT chip.

However Moto 360 watches still can’t pair. Application hangs trying to connect.

It looks like the problem is related to the BT adapter and it’s support by kernel 3.18.It does not even propose to pair from the phone. The interesting thing that my external dongle tries sees Moto 360 and tries to pair it. I even see confirmation on the watch with a nice code of Integer.MIN_INT but later it fails too.

Actually I get similar behaviour trying to pair my BT headset. So I’m currently trying to find some BT 4.0 adapter which is mentioned among the supported devices. Waiting for one which may arrive in two months from Hong Kong is the last resort.

Among the things I tried which didn’t work:

  1. Playing with native apk support in Google Chrome.  Android Wear disappears immediately
  2. Playing with the parameters inside bluetooth_did.conf
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