Interesting Java related Links. Week 51, 2014

For a long time I didn’t put a word about interesting links I found every week. Resurrecting this tradition. Hopefully it can be helpful for someone.

  1. ObjectLayout  – presentation of Gil Tene(one of the smartest people in the Java world) about the limitations of JVM in terms of storing objects in memory and how this can be improved by the use of ObjectLayout proposal
  2. InvokeDynamic 101 – nice summary on the need and usage of invokedynamic JVM bytecode. In my very specific case on JDK 8 invoke via MethodHandle(invokeDynamic) is about two times faster in comparison to the reflection method execution.
  3. IOUtils overview – an overview of the IOUtils packaged into commons-io library from Apache. Lots of very useful utilities. Definitely the way I choose when have to deal with more or less complicated IO in the project.
  4. OpenHFT – a set of libraries to work with the really large amounts of data. Hopefully will get an opportunity to play with these on the real project at some point
  5. Is SQL a strongly typed language? – yes, it is. Haven’t ever thought of it before but the arguments make total sense to me.
  6. Is Groovy still relevant after Java 8? – Peter Ledbrook answers yes. Two-three years ago when Groovy was already there and lambdas in JDK8 were not so close – Groovy was the language I admired of and the language I was trying to use even in my Java-based projects. Groovy is still relevant but for me it’s not that thing I wish to use everywhere anymore. JDK8 did a very good job of adding really neat features which made this come true.
  7. StringJoiner – the Java API is becoming more and more usable. Less reasons to use external libraries like commons-lang is definitely a good thing.

What’s interesting

  1. Decided to add some unit testing to our Jersey-based REST web service app. Integration of JerseyTest, H2, Flyway, JPA was not that trivial including some code investigation but not we have automated testing using this stack of our web service calls.
  2. Default deserialization of Map<String, String> in Jersey is not good really. Finally had to go with receiving JSON string and parsing it with Jackson ObjectMapper
  3. Started my own brand new project on GitHub based on Spring MVC, Spring Data, CouchDB to get deeper into these technologies.
  4. Today is the third mini hackathon for myself. Topic of the todays one is NodeJS and Grunt. Hopefully I’ll see some guys from my company joining me today
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