My Podcast List

At some point I’ve promised to share a list of podcasts with the colleague of mine. Here is it. This list includes the following ones (in the order of preference):


  1. The Java Posse – surprisingly pretty much the only non-Oracle Java podcast available. Pretty informative and useful.
  2. The Groovy & Grails Podcast  – the only running podcast I know about Groovy/Grails ecosystem. Somewhat unregular the last year.
  3. Software Engineering Radio – a non-frequent podcast about various topics on software development. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes – pretty boring.
  4. The Java Spotlight Podcast – another alive Java podcast provided by Oracle. Sometimes you can get interesting information on new Java technologies.

Linux & Open Source

  1. Linux Outlaws – pretty much the best podcast out of the whole list across all sections. Very opinionated, lots of swearing, lots of live and energy in it. I like it so much, 
  2. Linux Lifestyle – continuation of the Tux Radar podcast which I really love.
  3. The Linux Action Show! – informative and regular podcast on Linux. Has American style of podcast production which is not very appealing to my belarussian heart. Still full of good-quality contents.
  4. Linux Unplugged – aimed to discuss things which can’t get into The Linux Action Show! due to the format.
  5. BSD Now – a regular podcast about different flavours of BSD systems. The show is really cool because it’s hosted by the real developers of this OS,
  6. FLOSS Weekly – weekly show about the wide variety of open source projects


  1. Best in Trance – a compilation of various trance podcasts. Deluxe Accommodations is from Dj Cogswell is  absolutely my favourite music podcast.
  2. Hospital Records – a pretty cool and regular Drum’n’Bass update
  3. Above & Beyond: Group Therapy – weekly trance update from Above & Beyond. They’re good.


  1. RLN.FM – a pretty interesting internet radio which stands on the libertarian and conservative positions and aims listeners who live on the ex-USSR territory.
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