GWT in IE8: weird Anchor link behaviour

We use GWT on one of our projects. So the code we have is really trivial:

final Anchor title = new Anchor("RT @Test", "");

What can be easier? Lets have a look at the markup generated by GWT in FireFox/Chrome:

<a href="">RT @Test</a>

Lets now have a look at IE8:

<a href=""></a>

Instead of text I get my link. What the hell is going on here? This thing happens for any string like ” @” when passed as a title.
However is you do:

final Anchor title = new Anchor("", "");
title.setHTML("RT @Test");

I get the correct answer in IE8 too:

<a href="">RT @Test</a>

Looks like it’s a problem of IE8 since GWT code is absolutely straightforward and works perfectly fine in the rest of the browsers.

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