Liquibase OutOfMemory

We’re using Liquibase for the database migration. Recently we were doing integration with 23andme genetic application so we had to import some data from it.

We created a file with SQL instructions which contained 22 Mb of scripts. It’s mostly a bulk insert. When trying to execute this script via liquibase we’ve got “OutOfMemory: Java heap space”.

A small profiling session showed that 200Mb of objects were allocated inside:

    protected String prepareSqlForChecksum(String string) {
        string = string.trim();
        string = string.replace("\r\n", "\n").replace("\r", "\n");
        string = string.replaceAll("\\s*\\n\\s*", " ");
        string = string.replaceAll("\\s+", " ");

        return string;

For now we excluded reference to this large script from the changelog.
UPD: CORE-1509 was created to track this problem.

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